I get different reactions when I introduce myself as a “Health Coach”.  People are either really interested or slowly backing away as if I am going to put on my drill sergeants  hat  and ask them to drop and give me 20 push-ups.

Um  NO!  Not even close.  Truth be told I can do push ups but I doubt mine would pass the military test and I probably wouldn’t do them fast enough for their standards.  Oh and if you catch me at the end of  a long day I might see it as an opportunity to take a quick little nap between push ups seeing as how I am already on the floor and laying down 🙂

As for food, while I love a great salad, veggies and quinoa, I also love chocolate, wine and pasta.

The truth is I am all about getting healthy but doing it in fun ways. More importantly  I  think health has more components to it then exercise and eating well.  Those are two of the biggies but it is also important to be healthy in all areas of your life.

Getting to that balanced place isn’t always the easiest thing to do.  It’s like that very very old comic strip when Linus was just learning to walk ( yes Linus of  Peanuts and the Gang)  Lucy starts to clap for Linus and her mother tells her to give Linus a cookie.   She places a cookie in his  right hand and he falls to his right.

Imagine that exact comic strip right here:

Then imagine me getting sued for copyright infringement.  Sigh.

So just like Linus it seems we get one thing on the right track for our health and  we struggle to keep walking straight and not fall to one side.

And then of course there are those birthdays that come every year and if we put all our candles on the cake it is a veritable bon fire.

Sometimes it is hard to know where to start or even where to take the first baby step.   That is where I come in!

I listen to your concerns, ask some questions, listen some more and together we figure out what will work best for you and only you to get you to where you want to be and to blow out all those candles with gusto and look forward to the adventure each year will bring.

I plan on living quite awhile and having lots of fun and I need people like you to share them with and help kick ass  as we get older.  We need to show future generations how it is done!

Almost forgot.  I did do my homework for this adventure into Health Coaching.   The boring but necessary details are as follows:  I am a Registered Nurse and I am a Certified Health Coach from Duke University/ Integrative Medicine.  The not so boring part is  I am married, 3 children and 6 grandkids ( they keep me on my toes)

If you are still reading and would like a  complimentary coaching session via the phone then e-mail me at jennifer@healthcoachingforwomen.com

I would love to chat and I will even tell you the story of the photo below of how I ended up hanging upside down off a four story building!!   Thanks for being here and I look forward to hearing from you!

Now drop and give me 20….just kidding.  Do e-mail me ( not kidding) !!

Cheers!   Jennifer


Upside Down Grace



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