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The healthiest thing you can do for you and your family!

When our son was a teenager we would frequently find him standing in front of the pantry or in front of the open refrigerator staring intently as if it were the most fascinating thing he had ever witnessed.

We started calling it:

“Man stands in front of pantry ” 

It became a running joke in the family because as soon as we said it he would  start to laugh and realized he needed to make a decision or shut the door. Like  a typical teenage boy he could have probably eaten everything in the pantry and not gained a pound.

Dear Fairy Godmother,

Could you just for one day give me the metabolism of a teenage boy?  Please!!!!!

Since she isn’t showing up anytime soon I did the next best thing.  I removed or hid all my temptations and guilty pleasures from my pantry and refrigerator. There is a TRUE love-hate relationship with this decision.

Love it when it keeps me from eating when I am bored, stressed or procrastinating.  Hate it when I stand there knowing I did this on purpose to keep me from eating when I am bored, stressed or procrastinating. Love it again when I realize how brilliant it was to do this.

Honestly I have found this to be one of the healthiest things I have done for myself and my family.  And about your family.  This is where its gets tricky but it is doable.  You may have to take this in small steps.  If you do it too drastically there might be a mutiny even if you offer healthier substitutions.

I did mention hiding the temptations.  There is a trick to this as well.  What works for me is putting things in a really high cupboard that requires a stool for me to reach.  Usually I forget that it is there because it’s a cupboard I don’t use that often.

What if the biggest problem isn’t the kids but your spouse. Look at what my husband brought home when he did the grocery shopping one week.  He got everything on the list AND all of this:




I think I gained 5 lbs from just looking at all of it.  So the non perishables went in the really high cupboard and I buried the frozen stuff in the freezer.  It helped that I didn’t like most of it anyways.  It happens.

Slip ups happen and all kinds of things start showing up in the frig and pantry  so they get cleaned out again.

I first heard of this in Judith Becks’ book The Beck Diet Solution and I was skeptical at first  but after doing it for several years now I realize what a difference this one change has made.

Try it might feel a little upside down ( pun intended) and you may have that love hate thing going but you may end up loving it more and more.

If you come up with some of your hints and tips on how to make this work for you please share!

Now go out and make it a healthy one!