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I answered the phone and someone stole my food!

It happened to me.  I got distracted and someone stole my food.  I hate when this happens.

I was starving and treated myself to a homemade meal.  I was trying to imitate this dish we had in Italy:


???????????????????It was pretty close and I couldn’t wait to eat it.

Then the phone rang and I answered it.  It was a lovely conversation that I really enjoyed it until I hung up.  It was  then I noticed that the plate in front of me was empty.  Someone stole my food!  What?  I was so looking forward to eating that delicious meal.  I wanted to taste every last bite.

But it was GONE!

I wanted more but strangely I wasn’t hungry but I was mad that the food was gone!

I only had to look in the mirror to find the thief.  I had eaten it while talking on the phone and deprived myself of the pleasure of the meal.

Ugh!  No one to blame, no missing food report to file with the food police, and no food to savor even though my belly was full.

So much for multi tasking which I know I am not good at anyways.  How sleeping aids many times have I over eaten because I didn’t remember eating or enjoying my food with the first serving  and I just wanted to taste it and remember? Wow ..too many times to count.  How about you?

My grandfather used to say “The slower you eat, the longer you live”  and he lived until he was 92.  On top of that I never saw him eat and do anything else at the same time.  He really enjoyed meal time and the food.  AND  he was always slender.

Not crazy about learning lessons the hard way but it seems those are the ones I remember.

I’m the food thief. Guilty as charged.  I know I will probably morph into the food thief again but I am still remembering the delicious meal I did not really taste and keeping that in mind will be enough to keep the food thief away from my plate (and keep me from answering the phone or any other electronic gadget that buzzes or beeps)

Well all the above plus I’m locking the door at mealtime 🙂