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A Coach does what?????

Whenever I tell someone I am a health and life coach this is pretty much the look I get 75% of the time:book-15584_1920

Which says to me a couple of things:

  • they have no idea what a health or life coach is.
  • they are hoping I don’t go into a long explanation.
  • AND most of all when they hear they words “health coach” they hope I didn’t see that oversized brownie they just ate.

OR  sometimes ( not often) I get the person who hears “health coach” and they think they have hooked up to a  real life breathing form of Web MD.   NOT!

I thought I would clear up a few myths and share a few truths about the coaching world and give you a better idea of what it is we really do.

First clear your mind of the usual definition of the word “Coach”.  This word is almost always linked to sports coaches who tell you what to do and when to do it. Not once in my years as a coach have I ever said drop and give me 20!


The next thing I need to tell you is ( and I say this with a little angst)  anyone can call themselves a coach.  Yes it’s true.  While the International Coaching Federation is working on standards, it will be awhile. There are three things you need to know to use this information wisely.

  1. There are some really gifted people out there who are coaches with no training.  I have met them and they are inspiring.  They, however, are not plentiful.
  2. The rest of us trained long and hard at a reputable institution and are certified in coaching.
  3. When someone says they are a coach they should be more than willing to tell you where they trained.

That bring us to what you probably really want to know and that is “So what does a coach do?”

A really good coach does a lot of this ( unconditionally I might add):animal-690865_1280


And some of this but not too much:business-19148_1920talking

Most of all we ( life and health coaches) are interested in where you are now, where you would like to be and what is holding you back.  We want what you want for your life and health.  In other words if you want to start eating healthy we’ll explore what will work for you.  If you want to start exercising,the same thing.  Some people know I am a runner ( a slow one but still a runner) and they think “uh oh she will want me to run”. That’s a big fat NO.  Only if you want to run will we explore that option.

So what about the life part.  Well first off your health and life are interrelated. So  relationships, jobs, community, family all affect your life and your health.  If you start moving forward with your health, it will affect you overall life.  If you start letting go of things that stress you out in your life ( as an example) your health is going to improve.

 Just a couple more things that may interest you.

Coaching is confidential.

What happens during coaching stays between you and me.  This is essential.  I consider it a sacred part of coaching.

Coaching can be done on the phone  or in person ( I do most of mine on the phone).

We are your biggest cheerleaders, supporters and encouragers ( if that is even a word).

With your permission we will hold you accountable to what you say you want.

We are your safe place to fall.  Sometimes its 2 steps forward and 3 steps backwards.  That is okay.  This is not a race, this is your life.  We all have to try things on to see if they fit, if they work.  It is all information. We build on that information to move forward.

I ran across this video which I thought was the perfect example of coaching.  It really is this simple.I think its better without the audio but it is up to you. Before you watch it though I have one last thing.  Not every coach is a perfect fit with every person.  You need to “try one on for size” so to speak.  So if you are interested go here and sign up for a sample coaching session.  Its complimentary!

Oh and if you are eating an oversized brownie, no worries but please share 🙂  Yum!

It’s about time..or not! Living without a clock for a day…what I discovered!

As promised I am posting about my day without all the time keepers in my life.  And as promised I am posting it “soonish” which has become my new favorite word.

So in my previous post ( find it here) I had a new awareness about time and what a hold it has on me.  I promised to go a whole day without using my watch  ( I’m addicted to the point that I wear it to bed) or any other of device that displays the time.

Before anyone says “Who has the time for this?”  I will share that it is such an anomaly that I would have a day free to do this and it was a luxury.   I even started to back out on Sunday night ( because seriously who has the time for this!) but since I coach people on how to get out of their comfort zones and since I am always hearing how people don’t have time to eat well, exercise, journal, meditate, or even just take some time for themselves I KNEW I needed to make good on my promise.

I reluctantly gave up my watch when I went to bed and wondered what the day would bring.  Oh I also covered up the most obvious time displays ( oven, microwave, computer, phone).

I actually didn’t officially start until 12:30 am thanks to my cat who woke me up because she got trapped in the garage and I had to disengage the alarm system to get to her…and there was the time shining at me on the wall display…I was half asleep so it wasn’t really my fault.

So in  nutshell here is what I discovered:

  • It was surprisingly easy to NOT know what time it was.  I was aware and careful and as the day progressed I REALLY didn’t care or want to know the time.
  • Couldn’t use the sun to gauge  it since it was raining and cloudy..oh well.
  • I was very focused and got a lot done ( this was a surprise)!
  • Without the clock and all those little voices in  my head telling me I was wasting hair loss time, I actually DID NOT waste time.
  • It was relaxing with no pressure to hurry up.
  • Some of what I think about time is habit and some of it is lies I tell myself ( no time for this, I can do this later etc).
  • With no clock to tell me what to do or how long to spend on things I found my own rhythm for the day.
  • I try to control it all the time but it really controls me.
  • I try to cram way too many things into one day which frustrates me and makes me feel unaccomplished.
  • Eating when I was hungry and not because it was lunch or dinner time was much more satisfying although my body went from “a little bit hungry” to “I am starving” in a very short period of time.

To be honest I thought I would hate this kind of day.  I thought I would be unproductive and frustrated and go through withdrawals without my watch or some other form of time keeping and it ended up being just the opposite.

I thought I would be all upside down without it and what it did was really turn me back to right side up!

I actually miss not keeping time and I quit wearing my watch to bed.  I don’t think I cured my procrastination habit but I certainly have some new awareness of how focused or unfocused I am…for some reason not looking at the time quieted all those “squirrel” moments that distract me from my intended tasks.

And in the end it was not about the clocks, watches or any other displays of time in my life.  It was and is about my perception of how much time I need, how I spend it and how I value or don’t value it.

So how about you?  Are you ready for a timeless day?  Want a little coaching about it?  Let me know here and we can get started.

And here is my favorite clock of all in my  house that loudly reminds me to “Go out and have some fun with your time”  Don’t you just  love it?