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Can you feel your energy rise when you think about taking that first step towards your goals and all the possibilities?

Coaching is all about moving forward and taking the first step. It can start with a series of small steps or maybe just one that inches you a little closer to where you really want to be.

It can be exciting and challenging but the most important part is that it is all about you !

Each coaching session is unique to you and your goals.  Not only will I listen to you  but I will also hear  what it is you need and  want .

By asking  powerful questions I can help you uncover new insights and perspectives that can jump start your journey!

If you want to ask more questions or set up a free information and sample coaching session please go to the link mans health listed below.
Contact me here:

Looking forward to connecting with you soon!


Do you coach in person or over the phone?

Most of my coaching is done over the phone.  This is the most convenient way for everyone to connect.

How long are the coaching sessions

During our initial call we will customize the sessions to you.  Most calls are 30 minutes.

 What can I expect during the information session and free sample coaching session?

I will answer all of your questions, we can get to know each other a little bit and see if we are a good fit for one another and if you wish I will do a mini coaching session with you.

Who do you coach?

My coaching primarily focuses on women 40 yrs and above.  This is just a guideline..I have clients from all ages but the majority are 40 and above.