Quick update…the name of this website recently changed from Your Upside Down life to Health Coaching for Women….the content is still the same but the new name is more accurate to what we are all about.  Enjoy!
Take a breath and feel welcome here

Is it time for you?   Do you want to put yourself at the top of your to-do list and make time for yourself?

As we travel through our days, months and even years we often get lost in the shuffle.  Our good intentions to take care of ourselves in every way are genuinely desired but not made a priority.

You feel upside down.  Even though you know what you need to do you may be stuck and not quite sure  how to move forward into a more balanced life with YOU at the top of the list.  You are ready to take the first asthma step into more of you, honoring your values, your health, your WHOLE self.

And while you may feel ready, there is hesitation and you stop yourself from taking that first step.

Through coaching, I will travel beside  you with encouragement, dedicated listening and gentle guidance.

And while all of this is so important and serious we must remember to laugh and find joy along the way.

Sharing one of my favorite quotes from Leigh Standley:

“Funny”, she said, “How much right side up can come from upside down”

So very true!

Choosing the joy of the journey of life, even with the upside down moments,